First aid as a means of exchange

12.07.23 01:43 PM By firstaidleaguewithpathfind
Last night I watched a film that was more than two hours long.

It is a biographical war film produced by Jean-Jacques Annaud.

It is based on the story of SS Sergeant Heinrich Harrer’s memoir Seven Years in Tibet. He is a prisoner of war and escapes. The story is about his experiences between 1944 and 1951.

A young Brad Pitt plays the main role, and the music is by John Williams. There’s even music from Yo-Yo Ma.

So gentle on the eye and the ear.

The film takes place in icy mountains. With that, I could identify a little, with Gauteng seeing snow for the first time in ten years. At least I was warm and not hungry.

In dire circumstances, before the main character begins to settle down and make friends with the fourteenth Dalai Lama, who was a child at the time, the acquisition of food is the biggest challenge.

They trade anything they have for food. And there he took out a small can. It is a white can with red letters on it – First Aid Kit.

From the can he then took out his means of exchange – a battered paper with the heading Inventory and Notes for Use.

I couldn’t help but enjoy it.

That a first aid document is used as a means of exchange for food.

So – watch the movie if you have time and like stories inspired by true events.

And then – make sure your first aid kit is up to date and your certificate is still valid.

In the meantime – stay warm.

From a bitterly cold Pretoria.
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Snow on mountains


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