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26.02.24 07:26 AM By firstaidleaguewithpathfind
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Well, at least we survived JannieWorry month. And this year, like last year, seems to have wings and fly.

2024's big story in South Africa is certainly the election, and it will occupy our media and minds for a large part of the year.

Last night the wind blew very strongly in Pretoria, and this morning on the way to work the streets were full of branches and here and there an uprooted tree.

Just beyond the Fontaine ​​Circle, there is an accumulation of vehicles.  Slowly around the corner, we see a fire truck. At first, I suspect it is a car accident. Fortunately not, the fire truck is there to get a tree that has fallen onto the tarmac out of the way.

I see the fireman putting on special shoes, an overall, and gloves. And I think how dangerous such a job is, how easy it is for someone to crash into the fire truck, or the enormous tree that can give way. I think that certain people's job is always to clean up the accident or disaster.

And yet the biggest disaster can happen inside a house, where children are playing near water without supervision, or an elderly person who falls or has a heart attack.  It is important to have the emergency number of your area handy.

The number we recommend is 087 655 1800. This number has someone on duty 24/7 at a call centre and will send the ambulance closest to the casualty to you.

And then, of course, do a first aid course yourself, so that you are equipped to handle a situation until the ambulance or doctor arrives.

From everyone at The SA First Aid League.
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