It was autumn and it was winter

12.05.23 01:30 PM By firstaidleaguewithpathfind
It was evening and it was morning – according to the story of creation.

The seasons also feel a bit like that.
One day it is still hot summer. The next day I wear a sweater over my summer dress to work.
A week later, I put on a long-sleeved T-shirt under my clothes, still with sandals.
And then I wear boots, with thick stockings.
It was summer, it was autumn, and then it was winter.

Our offices in Centurion are cold early in the year. There are trees on the premises where finches nest. One big tree fell over last week.
The tree was then cut down and with it the wild ivy plants.

Unfortunately, the finches were lost in the battle. But suddenly, there is the sun. All day long. How nice!

So, here I am now sitting in my sunny office, suitcase packed, on my way to Cape Town for a wedding this weekend. But there they say it’s freezing. The SA Weather Service’s forecast on Google gives temperatures below 20 degrees all weekend. For someone from Pretoria, that is very cold.

And yet we can marvel at creation – the turning of the seasons. And we can know, in a turbulent time, that the Creator God who lets the sun shine through my office window, is also the One who holds the nations in the palm of His hand.

What a comfort.

Best wishes to everyone and take heart!

The SA First Aid League team.
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