Living in the moment

29.08.22 01:30 PM By firstaidleaguewithpathfind
By this time, everyone had realized that Covid 19’s lockdown was not just bad. In the process, we learned a lot about ourselves and our world.
We think differently about people and nature.

We realized how much we need other people. Suddenly relationships, togetherness and a gentle touch are no longer self-evident.

We learned to live slower – to be in the moment and appreciate every little experience … from the coffee and rusks in the morning to the warm bedding at night.

The garden walkers can now walk down the street, and marathon athletes can run far.

Suddenly we were back to playing board games and filling in monkey puzzles. We write and read more and ask ourselves – What am I really fond of?

If 14,000 Comrades athletes can run side by side after a long time and the Arena in Pretoria is sold out for a three-hour long concert, we are grateful.
We no longer take everything for granted. We are more aware of what we have and care less about what we don’t have.

At the SA First Aid League, we are fully engaged in training. And we are, once again … grateful that the country is open for business and that we can give life-saving training.

Feel free to look at the variety of courses and products we offer on our website –

We wish everyone a mindful month of September.

The SA First Aid League team.
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